Ben Ten Pornography Story: Ben Ten and the Fresh Alien Chapter 12

Ben Ten Pornography Story: Ben Ten and the Fresh Alien Chapter 12

Chapter 12

“And stay down,” Ben growled as he struck the alien robot with all four fists so that the casing shattered under the blow.

“You too,” Gwen said as she enveloped the robot she was fighting in a sphere of magical energy and shrank it until the alien metal was crushed under the pressure of her spell. Ben tore his eyes away from his cousin and her slim body, he still couldn’t understand how she was able to disguise her pregnancy with a spell so she could fit into her Lucky Girl costume and go out in public, but he was glad she was able to hide her true identity and keep helping him in his alien forms.

“That takes care of that,” Ben said in his rough baritone as he slapped his four hands together to brush the dust off his red skin. “As long as you don’t need us for anything else, I’m late for an appointment.”

“No, no I think that’s everything,” the police commissioner said as he looked over the shattered street and broken lampposts left behind in the two block battlefield. He had to remind himself how much worse things would have been if Fourarms and Lucky Girl hadn’t shown up when they did.

“In that case we’re off,” Ben said as he left the police officer behind him as he leapt away with Lucky Girl flying close behind his large red figure.

“Ben we need to land fast,” Gwen said, “my alteration spell is about to wear off and we don’t want to be in the open when my belly and tits grow several inches all at once.”

“Ok, there’s an empty alley down there to the right. I need to land too, I think the Omnitrix is about to time out.”

Even as Ben landed next to Gwen his red-headed cousin was pulling her tight fitting shirt up to expose her belly. In the next second Gwen gave a grunt that seemed to be a mixture of pain and pleasure as her spell ended and her stomach swelled from the taught flat belly of a normal girl her age to that of a girl close to her eighth month of pregnancy. “There there sweetheart,” Gwen said as she patted her belly, “Mommy’s here.”

“Wow,” Ben gasped as the Omnitrix timed out and he changed back to himself in a burst of red light. He could see Gwen’s stomach move under her hands and realized the baby was kicking in her womb.

“What’s wrong Ben?” Gwen asked as the baby calmed down. “You know I have to comfort the baby after I use that spell. The baby doesn’t actually leave my body when I use the spell, but it is shifted to another dimension for a short time and I need to reassure it when I bring it back.”

“That’s not what I was reacting to,” Ben said as he shifted the position of his hands and Gwen realized that her cousin was trying to cover the bulge in the front of his pants as he spoke. “You remember during the summer when we were all sleeping together and every once in a while I’d wake up in the middle of the night and start fucking you like crazy?”

“Sure I remember,” Gwen said with a smile, “those nights were some of our best fucks.

“Well the truth is that it always happened after I had a recurring dream,” Ben said with a groan as he tried to straighten up in spite of his erection. “The first time I had the dream was the first night we all slept together, the first night after we found out you were pregnant.”

“Do you remember the dream?” Gwen asked with a mischievous grin as she continued to rub her pregnant belly.

“I sure do,” Ben said, “well, not all of it, but I do remember that it involved watching your belly swell from flat to baby filled in seconds.”

“You mean like what happened just now when my spell wore off,” Gwen asked as she tried to keep a straight face.

“Exactly like that,” Ben said with an enthusiastic nod as he stared at his cousin’s bare belly. “And what are you laughing about?”

“I always wondered what you were dreaming about on those nights,” Gwen said with a smile. “You see Ben, when I woke up that first night with your cock already fucking my cunt it made me so horny I wanted you to do it again. I managed to find a spell in my book and used it to gave you the same dream several times through the summer so you would fuck me like that again. Even though the spell gave you the same dream, I never knew what you were dreaming – until now.”

“You know, Gwen,” Ben said with a chuckle, “you didn’t really need to give me that dream night after night. I was always horny for your pussy, and I just got hornier when your belly started to grow.”

“I know,” Gwen said with a broad grin, “but it gave me an excuse to use my magic, and the dream always made you that much hornier. By the way, my mom said to tell you congratulations.”

“What for?” Ben asked as he poked his head around out of the alley to check the time on the bank clock across the street.

“Let’s just say that she barely made it to the toilet this morning,” Gwen said with a twinkle in her eye, “and after she cleaned up after herself she used one of her pregnancy tests and it turned pink.”

“Same thing happened to my mom yesterday morning,” Ben said as he puffed his chest out proudly.

“So this makes you what? Ten for ten now,” Gwen asked as she watched the shock in her cousin’s face. “Or did I miss a couple girls you knocked up?”

“You know about the other girls I’ve been fucking?” Ben asked sheepishly.

“I know and I don’t really care that much, Ben,” Gwen admitted. “I know you’re a horny guy and the three girls I know that you knocked up said they came on to you and you couldn’t seem to resist them.”

“Strange but true,” Ben said with a frown. “I always seem to know when a girl is fertile – and when she is I just can’t resist her when she makes a pass at me. You don’t suppose that has something to do with the Omnitrix do you?”

“Maybe,” Gwen said hesitantly, “we really don’t know everything it can do. I guess it’s possible the thing can sense a girl’s fertility cycle – it might even boost your sperm count to give you a better chance to knock a girl up. But I don’t know why it would that.”

“I don’t either,” Ben said with a shrug, “but we don’t know how it can change me into my alien forms either. And since I can’t take the watch off we may never know if I’d be just as horny and fertile without it.”

“That’s true,” Gwen said with a nod. “Ben, I noticed that you were checking the time, are you really late for an appointment?”

“Not yet, but I will be by the time I get to Keesha’s,” Ben said as he looked to see if the coast was clear before they left the alley. “She called me this morning and said there was something important she needed to talk to me about. I’m suppose to be at her house in fifteen minutes but it will take me at least thirty to walk from here, and I don’t think the watch will have time to recharge before then.”

“You know, Keesha’s house is only five minutes from my place,” Gwen said. “I can teleport both of us there and then you’ll have time to congratulate my mother before you head over to her place.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Ben said, “let’s do it.”

Ten minutes later Ben stopped to catch his breath before he reached out to knock on Keesha’s front door. He wanted to take the time to congratulate his aunt properly on getting knocked up with his baby but she’d shooed him off to meet Keesha with a promise that they’d spend some time together later. The door opened even before he had a chance to rap on it a second time and he saw Keesha’s pretty black face smiling at him through the opening. “Hi Ben,” Keesha said with obvious excitement, “right on time. Come on in before someone sees you.”

“What’s wrong,” Ben asked as he slipped through the door and Keesha closed it behind him, “ashamed of me already?”

“Never,” Keesha said, giving Ben another grin as she rubbed her belly suggestively. “But I don’t think it will be a good idea for any of the neighbors see you and put things together later.”

“Keesha, you’re already pregnant,” Ben pointed out. “If your neighbors see me now they’ll never know that I already knocked you up.”

“I wasn’t talking about me and my baby Ben,” Keesha said as she grabbed Ben by the wrist and dragged him into the living room.

“Than what are you talking about?” Ben asked.

“Don’t you mean who Ben?” Keesha’s naked mother asked as she smiled at him from the couch.

“Mrs.,” Ben started to say as he gaped at the naked black woman as she fondled her full breasts and teased her erect dark brown nipples.

“Call me Sonia,” Keesha’s mother said as she smiled at Ben, “it would be awkward to have my new lover call me anything else.”

“What do you mean, Sonia,” Ben asked nervously as he felt his half hard cock spring erect as he stared at the woman’s naked body. He could sense the woman’s fertility just as he had a month earlier.

“I mean just what I said,” Sonia said as she got to her feet and crossed the floor to where Ben stood just inside the living room. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for Keesha to find a boyfriend and get herself knocked up. I always wanted more children but since Keesha’s father – my father as well – died before she was born I knew I wouldn’t have any more children by him. And none of the lovers I’ve had since Keesha was born struck me as good enough for what I wanted. But now that Keesha’s found you I’ve decided you’re exactly what I want.”

“And what is that?” Ben asked weakly as Sonia led him back to the couch and started stripping his clothes off his unresisting body as she sat down.

“Someone who is ready and willing to knock me up with all the babies I want, but doesn’t want to tie himself down with a long term relationship,” Sonia said as she pulled his underwear down and smiled at the way his cock bounced in front of her eyes as it sprang free.

“That sounds like me,” Ben said with a chuckle as Sonia grabbed his cock and sucked it into her mouth. “But I thought most people your age would want a permanent relationship.”

“Well I’m not most women,” Sonia said as she let Ben’s prick pop out of her mouth as she spoke. “I want more babies and I don’t care if their father sticks around or not.”

“Are you sure that’s what you want?” Ben asked. “I mean, I know I like sex and I enjoy knocking girls up, but if you want more than one baby from me doesn’t that mean some kind of long term relationship?”

“Long term maybe,” Sonia admitted as she stroked Ben’s erect cock and gave him a wink, “but not a close one. And that’s what I’m looking for.”

“Then I’m your man – or boy as the case may be,” Ben said with a quick inhale of breath as Sonia bent down to kiss the tip of his prick. “I’ll knock you up with all the babies you want and keep coming back to give you more.”

“That’s just what I wanted to hear,” Sonia said with a wide smile as she released Ben’s cock and settled herself on the couch, opening her thighs wide in obvious invitation.

“Keesha, what are you going to do while I’m busy knocking your mom up with your brother or sister?” Ben asked as he knelt between Sonia’s legs and bent down to get a good look at the wet pink pussy lips buried in her thick black pubic hair.

“Oh don’t worry about me,” Keesha said as her naked body slid into Ben’s view, “I’ll be joining the fun.”

“You see Ben,” Sonia said with a sigh of pleasure as her thirteen year old daughter knelt next to the younger boy and started stroking his hard cock as he ate her mother’s wet cunt, “once I realized that Keesha finally had a boyfriend – and that he’d managed to knock her up – I did everything I could to convince her that I didn’t have a problem with her having a baby. And then I went even further to convince her that I’d really wanted you to knock me up.”

“I was sure mom was trying to trick me into finding out who the father was,” Keesha said as she rubbed her flat belly affectionately. “Yesterday she finally convinced me that she was willing to share you and that we could both have as many babies as we wanted from you.”

“Wow,” Ben said as he looked from mother to daughter, “just like that the two of you are willing to share me and let me knock you up over and over again?”

“That’s right Ben,” Sonia said as she reached down to run her hand affectionately through his brown hair. “And if I want to catch up with Keesha we better get started on our first baby right now.”

“You don’t have to ask me twice,” Ben said with a smile as he pulled his prick out of Keesha’s grip and slid up Sonia’s body until the tip of his cock was wedged between the older woman’s wet pussy lips.

“That looks so hot,” Keesha said as she sat back and watched Ben shove his six inch cock into her mother’s hungry pussy. “So Ben, what do you think the chances are that you’ll knock my mother up with this fuck?”

“I have a very good feeling about this fuck,” Ben said with a grunt as the head of his cock slammed into Sonia’s cervix and his brown pubic hairs meshed with her black ones. “Besides, you know I’ve had a perfect record so far, I’m sure your mother will end up just as pregnant as you and every other girl I’ve fucked.”

“Good,” Sonia said with a moan as she wrapped her legs around Ben’s ass to hold him close as he fucked in and out of her well oiled slit. “The sooner you knock me up the better.”

“Oh, I’m sure I’ll knock you up,” Ben said as he rotated his hips every time his cock hit Sonia’s cervix. “I always know when I’m about to knock a girl up.”

“I wondered about that,” Keesha said as she bent down to lick her mother’s tits, catching the nipples between her teeth and teasing it with her tongue. “You always seem to know just when to fuck a girl so you can knock her up, but I still don’t know how you do it.”

“I don’t know either,” Ben admitted as continued to fuck Keesha’s mother, “I think it has something to do with the Omnitrix but I don’t really understand why it tells me when a girl is fertile. All I know is that when I know a girl is fertile and I fuck her she always gets pregnant. For all I know the watch could be why I’m so good at knocking up everyone I fuck.”

Sonia groaned as she raised her hips off the sofa cushions to meet every thrust of Ben’s cock as he slammed in and out of her hot wet cunt. “Fuck me Ben,” Keesha’s mother screamed, “fuck me and knock me up with Keesha’s brother or sister.”

“What if I knock you up with both?” Ben said with a mischievous grin, “after all you wouldn’t be the first one to carry my twins.”

“I’m not sure if I’m ready for two babies at once,” Sonia grunted, “but once this one arrives I expect you to knock me up again – and again and again and again. In fact I expect you to keep knocking me up until I can’t have any more babies.”

“Wow mom,” Keesha said, running her hands over her mother’s belly as if she expected it to start swelling any second, “I didn’t know you wanted that many babies.”

“Neither did I,” Sonia gasped as Ben started to pick of the pace of his strokes and she realized that it wouldn’t be much longer before the boy shot his baby juice deep in her pussy as she had her own approaching orgasm, “but once Ben slipped his baby maker into my pussy all I could think of was how many babies I can have before I get too old.”

“You’re still young mom,” Keesha said with a grin, “do you know how many babies that will be?”

“No,” Sonia admitted as she humped back at Ben with every thrust, “but I’m sure I’ll find out.”

“I’m cumming,” Ben screamed as he slammed his cock deep into Sonia’s slit as his balls clenched as he shot wad after wad of baby juice deep into the older woman’s cunt.

“Yes,” Sonia screamed as her whole body exploded as Ben’s cum splattered against the back of her womb. “Knock me up Ben, knock me up with your baby.”

“I am,” Ben panted as he tried to bury his spurting prick even deeper into Keesha’s mother.

“That was so good,” Ben groaned as he rolled off Sonia and lowered himself to the floor next to the couch.

“So Ben,” Sonia said as she glanced down at her new lover, “when are you going to show me what you can do with your watch?”

“Soon,” Ben promised as he frowned at the red dial of the omnitrix, “for some reason it’s taking a long time to recharge right now. But I’ll show you when I can.”

“Don’t tell me you’re worn out already,” Keesha said as she knelt next to Ben and grabbed his flaccid penis in her hand and held it steady as she brought her mouth down to kiss the tip.

“It always wears me out for a couple minutes when I actually knock someone up,” Ben said with a moan as his cock started to harden as Keesha licked his shaft clean with her tongue. “But I don’t think I’m going to be soft for long.”

“Good, because watching you fuck my mom made me so horny I want to fuck you too,” Keesha said, giving Ben a wide grin before swallowed his cock and slid it down her throat until her lips circled the base.

“You two go ahead and enjoy yourselves,” Sonia said as she reached down to catch some of Ben’s sperm as it leaked out of her slit and she used her fingers to push it back into her cunt. “I’ll just lay here and let Ben’s baby juice soak in while the two of you fuck.”

“Thanks mom,” Keesha said as she released Ben’s now hard cock and straddled his hips, inching her way up his body until her drooling cunny hovered just an inch above his stiff cock. With a groan of pleasure Keesha lowered herself down on Ben’s penis as he guided it into her wet slit.

“Oh yeah,” Ben groaned as Keesha slid down his cock until it was buried deep in her pussy. The black teenager swivelled her hips and her black pubic hair meshed with his brown hair. “You know just how to fuck me Keesha,” Ben moaned as the girl’s cunt muscles rippled along the full length of his cock.”

“I do have a good teacher,” Keesha said, giving Ben a toothy grin as he reached up to massage her tender breasts until the nipples popped out with her own arousal and she leaned forward so Ben could suck on them.

“And who was that?” Ben asked in a teasing voice as Keesha slid her cunt up and down his quivering prick.

“You know very well Ben,” Keesha hissed, placing his mouth next to Ben’s ear as he sucked greedily on her tits, “you taught me everything I know about fucking. That’s why I know what you like.”

“And I know what you like too,” Ben said as he switched his mouth to Keesha’s other nipple.

“It’s a good thing I like the same things you like,” Keesha said, “otherwise I think we’d both be too horny for our own good. Now, are you going to shoot your cum inside me and give our baby a cum bath?”

“Oh yeah,” Ben groaned as Keesha pulled her tits away from his mouth and arched her back as her body orgasmed around Ben’s buried cock as Ben grabbed her hips to hold her steady as he shot his load deep in the black girl’s body.

As Keesha draped her spent body across Ben’s he looked up into her face and kissed her eyelids, “You know Keesha,” he said as the older girl opened her eyes to look down at him with eyes full of lust, “I’m already looking forward to the day when you have the baby so I can knock you up again.”

“Me too Ben,” Keesha said with a sigh, “me too.”

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