Ben Ten Pornography Story: Embracing you CH.Two

Ben Ten Pornography Story: Embracing you CH.Two

Gwen sat beside her grandfather as he spoke with the Green’s. She couldn’t help but drift away during their long conversation. Her mind drifted towards Ben, he was still sleeping. Of course now it was medicine induced, but still, he was asleep and she couldn’t help him any way other then giving him medicine.

“Pssst.” Gwen looked at Kai, the girl nodded towards the door as more men stared to come in. Gwen nodded and they slowly crept out of the hut. They made it slowly to the Rustbucket. Kai smiled at Gwen, “Your not so bad. So, how’s Ben?” Gwen shrugged.

“Okay. He’s sick, but he’s okay. He’s not gonna die.” Kai looked concerned.

“Are you sure?”

“It’s just a cold.” Gwen opened the door to the Rustbucket and walked over to Ben’s bunk. He was still sleeping like he had been earlier. She gently brushed sweat from his hair and felt disgusted again. Ben moaned and leaned towards her, his eyes opening slowly.

Once Ben saw her he smiled, “Gwen… do that again. It’s so hot.” Gwen gently brushed the sweat away.

She looked down at Kai, “Can you get a wash cloth damp? Cold water if you don’t mind.” Kai nodded and quickly dampened a rag and handed it to Gwen. Gwen gently cleaned Ben of the sweat on his face. Then she looked at Kai, “I’m going to be taking off his shirt and pants. I think it might make him cooler.” Kai blushed but nodded, “Ben? Sit up for me, if you can.” Ben struggled but sat up and frowned as Gwen pulled off his sweat soaked shirt and pants. Gwen gently whipped him down with the wet cloth and smiled as she laid him back, “Sleep tight. I’ll give you some medicine the next time you wake up. Okay?” Ben nodded and curled up under his light sheet.

Kai watched as Gwen laid out the cloths on a chair, “Will he be okay? He seemed out of it.”

“The medicine and fever… they make him drowsy. He needs sleep. His body is using all it energy to combat whatever has infected him. Not to mention he’s burning up, inside out, and it’s making him feel sluggish. Heat does that to you.” Kai smiled as Gwen pulled out her laptop.

“You sure know a lot about this kind of thing. Are you going to be a doctor?” Gwen shrugged.

“I always wanted to be… but, I’ve seen our future. It’s not going to happen.” Kai shrugged.

“So what am I doing in the future?” Gwen looked at Ben then answered.

“Your married to Ben. You have a daughter and a son, in that order. Your daughter is Gwen, your son is Kenny. Kenny looks like Ben, except for his maroon hair. I never got to see Gwen.” Kai smiled and looked at Ben.

“I can imagine having his kids. I wouldn’t mind.”

Gwen gritted her teeth, “Stop treating him like a stud! He’s not a freaking stallion! He’s a human! Treat him like it!” Kai shot back in surprise, “Ben isn’t just some toy or piece of equipment! He’s a hero and he’s a human! Ben needs someone who will treat him like a human, not like a stupid dog!” Kai felt a blush heat up her cheeks, “He doesn’t need you to train and tame him! He’s training himself and he doesn’t need taming! Being wild and out there is a part of Ben you need to accept or I’d never accept you into my family!” Kai gave a Gwen a hurt look.

“I never said-”

“That you wanted to train and tame him?” Kai nodded, “Yes. You did. When he turned into Benwolf. You said that was the only reason you were interested in him. It was only five years ago! I gave you a talking to then too!” Kai shrugged.

“So? Ben will forgive me. That’s what everyone likes about him. It’s his weakness. He forgives and forgets before he really thinks about what’s going to happen.” Gwen slammed her laptop shut and glared at Kai.

“If you don’t mind, I’m tired. Please leave.” Kai smirked.

“You love him.” Gwen felt pure dread course over her, “You love him, and I get him in the end. Guess we both know how he feels about you.” Kai left and Gwen felt her body sink into exhaustion as her adrenaline levels fell.

“I already knew all of that. I know I’ve lost.” and she sank into sleep.


He opened his eyes and looked towards the familiar sent. It was warm and felt like home. He’d never missed it so much. He slid from his bed and next to the warm body. He snuggled into the slowly developing chest and almost purred in pure delight. Two arms slid around his neck and the sent encased him.

“Ben…” he looked up at her. She seemed at peace. Even as her eyes fluttered open and she smiled sleepily at him. She brushed bangs from his eyes and yawned, “Do you feel better?” he nodded. Feeling no need to tell her about his heightened senses, “Good… night.” she fainted into sleep and Ben slid away. He needed to run, move… hunt. He looked back at her, and placed a quick kiss on her lips before pulling on his pants and leaving.

He shivered slightly in the cold night air, but he took off at run. Ben felt happy and warm as he slid towards where the other was talking to someone. He’d smelt him on her, but the sent was so different, he was unsure if they were the same.

“This is wrong, Kevin.” her voice was soft and loving.

“I’m not letting you be stuck with Tennyson.”

“I doubt they even know that I’m Devlin’s mother.” Ben tensed. He felt as though something was wrong. He shouldn’t have known this, this was… somebody changing the future. Someone had changed the course of time.

“Shouldn’t matter. Your mine. End of story.” Ben watched as Kevin pulled Kai against his chest and kissed her deeply. Ben shot away from the scene and back to the RV. He noticed Kai’s grandfather and his grandfather talking. He stopped to listen to them, confused as to why they were standing in the dark.

“I don’t want to believe that his fever is alien induced. He doesn’t have a fever, he’s just sweating and pale. Nothing caused it.”

“Max, you and I both know that Ben is now fifty times more likely to catch something one of those aliens would. Maybe even something that his human body can’t fight off, that our medicines can’t fix.” Max sighed and his face became grim.

“I worked with hundreds of aliens, maybe one of them know what it is.” Mr. Green shook his head.

“Max, they’ve been hiding for longer then Verdona and yours relationship. Risking their safety and their children’s safety for your… grandson. That boy is pure trouble, he is going to destroy all he cares about if it means keeping that damn watch!” Max looked at his old friend.

“Wes, Ben has done what ever is necessary to protect those he does care about. Ben has even saved your granddaughter. That watch is nothing to Ben, he just likes being a hero.”

Wes shook his head, “Ben is a glory hound. Just like his father and his grandfather and his uncle. Men in your family don’t know when to give up. You with the plumbers, Carl with football and Frank with his powers. Now, it will be Ben and that watch. If you remember. All of you almost died, the difference, you all found women to hold you down, Ben has no one to hold him down. He’s going to die, Max. You know that.” Ben closed his eyes, trying to hold away the tears.

“Your right, Wes.” Ben felt the tears fall and ran. He felt his body give way as he slid into a field. He slid on his knees and fell forward, his arms crossed over his face and tears soaking his bare arms and the grass below them. Sobs made him shake and cough. Ben wasn’t a crier, very rarely did he cry, and when he did. He made it worth ever time he should have cried but didn’t, plus whatever he crying for at the time.

Max and Gwen would wake up, and Ben wouldn’t be there, but that’s just how the Universe wanted it.


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