Ben Ten Pornography Story: 37mm Chapter 1

Ben Ten Pornography Story: 37mm Chapter 1

A/N:this is my first so i wanted to start off simple. to keep myself safe i have to say i do not own any rights or what not that has to do with the Ben 10 series, and i don’t own anything like that with the song “37mm” by AFI but i was really inspired by them both so i hope you guys will enjoy reading this as much as i did writing it.

~Bring your secrets to me ~

She sat back on the tattered sofa. He released a deep sigh.

Im sorry to drop by without notice. She said quietly, its just I cant help but notice something.

With his head still in his hands he glanced at her through his fingers and draped hair.

So , what is it that you noticed? he questioned her as he lifted his head.

It was something you said the other night, her emerald eyes danced around avoiding him.

Did you mean it? If you did, then why did you have to change the subject so quickly?

It seems a few nights before a secret had been released.

And if it was true, if I hadnt changed the subject so fast? What would you have done, huh?

She sat quietly.

This silence isnt helpful you know. He leaned back with a huff.

The tension was unbearable.

The built teen pushed himself off of the broken recliner that adorned the living room of the small apartment, running is calloused fingers through his hair as he walked to a broom closet near the entrance of the small kitchen. Opening the door, he reached down and picked up a small box that was buried beneath some unused cleaning supplies. Her eyes widened.

How did you get that Kevin? she said with a quick gasp.

How do you think Gwen, its not like I havent picked a lock before.

Her eyes were angry, but now more than before kept themselves from his view.

Why would you break in to my house? Gwen questioned in a demanding voice.

Gwen, I wanna know. Do you have feelings for me? his voice was stern.

She remained silent.

We all know the truth Gwen. You know it too. I just want to hear it from you. I wanna hear you say it.

Kevin, thats not fair! the redness on her face addressed the agony she felt.

Why is that? he nearly interrupted her.

She grew silent for a moment but began again softly. Because Ive been waiting for you to say it first.

It seemed so childish but the two teens had, for quite some time, been dueling amongst each other to see who would give in and admit to the shared feelings.

Gwen, the pause in his sentence seemed to go on for an eternity I have feelings for you.

Her eyes finally shot up and met his.

I know you already know it but just to make sure, his face leaned in towards hers.

She gasped, squeezed her eyes tightly shut and flinched like a child fearing an impact.

Then it happened. The impact she seemed to fear. The fear of not knowing what will happen next now that her world was progressing towards a future she didnt know.

He backed away slightly and he breathed solemnly. Im in love with you Gwendolyn Tennyson.

She broke into a nervous laugh as tears welled into her eyes I know Kevin, and the only reason I still have that is because I- I love you too. She blushed vigorously.

Well now that you have me you wont be needing this anymore. He said in a joking manner as he lightly tossed the small box behind him and closed the gap between them once again. The box tumbled open and a small handkerchief cascade out on to the floor.

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