Ben Ten Pornography Story: Ben x charmcaster part 1

Ben Ten Pornography Story: Ben x charmcaster part 1

it was a hot friday afternoon,Gwen was busy on her laptop and ben was busy playing on his nintendo ds.sudennly ben heard a noise outside the RV,”i am just going for a quick walk” said ben.”allright but be back for supper”grandpa max said.ben walked outside to see where that noise came from, he went into the forest and he tripped.”Ouch!” yelled the person ben tripped over”watch where your going”said the person “oh i sorry im didnt see you there” replied ben, but when he looked down he saw charmcaster! “I cant beleive i apologised to you” said ben “yeah, well you should watch where your walking” said charmcaster.charmcaster raised her fist, ” do you want to fight” said ben lifting up his own fist, ben heard another noise and saw that his and charmcasters fists were cuffed together. ben looked up and saw a space ship ” i have come for your omnitrix” said the voice, ben and charmcaster both looked up at the spaceship in shock.

to be continued

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