Ben Ten Pornography Story: Summer enthusiasm 7

Ben Ten Pornography Story: Summer enthusiasm 7

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Ben yawned and rolled onto his side and he felt something and warm stir next to him. Ben slowly opened his eyes to see Gwen lying next him. He starred at her lazily, slowly remembering everything that had happened over the last two weeks. Two weeks ago Gwen and her family had moved back into town after living on the other side of the country for four years. Ben had been afraid that Gwen had moved on or forgotten him. But to his delight he had discovered that she had remained in love with him over those very long years. At the welcome home party Ben and her had rekindled the love and passion they had shared four years ago in Gwen’s bedroom, right above both of their families. Not the smartest thing we ever did. Ben thought with a smile as he starred at Gwen’s sleeping form.

It was Saturday morning, and probably already in the afternoon. Ben’s parents had gone on a trip out of town leaving Ben all alone in his house for the entire weekend. The previous night Gwen had come over to spend the weekend. And, well, one thing lead to another and here they were lying side by side and naked in bed.

Gwen opened her eyes and smiled at him. “Morning Ben.” Ben smiled back and leaned forward and kissed her. “Morning Gwen. Now I remember why Friday nights are the best night of the week.” Gwen smiled and climbed over next to him, resting her head on his muscular chest. As she lay there she felt at peace and more relaxed than she had in years. “So, what have you got in mind for today?” Ben grinned and laughed. “Well, how bout we go on a date. I seem to remember you loving to go shopping, especially at the mall. So how does it sound? Terry’s Clothing Empire is still there, you know.”

Gwen looked up at him in surprise. “You remembered my favorite store! And I though you hated to go to the mall with me. I remember you used to always complain about going there with me.” Ben smiled sheepishly and shrugged. “Well, I still don’t like shopping all that much, but I like spending time with you, and it’s been too long since we went on a date.”

Gwen laughed and closed her eyes again. “Alright, lets go later. It will be nice to go on a nice and relaxing date.” (Nice and relaxing? And how would that be interesting? Lets have some good old fashion chaos!)


Later That Day


Gwen and Ben walked through the mall, their arms entwined as they were lost in thought as hundreds of memories came flooding back to them. The two of them laughed and smiled as they walked through the mall, not a care in the world, just like old times. They two of them had always came here for dates as kids. The mall was an hour drive from their town, and no one recognized them there. Here they could go on a date, laugh, kiss and enjoy themselves. And everyone would treat them like regular couple. The two of them went into store after store, enjoying themselves, unaware that they were being watched and followed.

“Hey Gwen, there’s Terry’s Clothing Empire! See, I told you it was still here.” Gwen nodded and laughed and strode in, Ben at her heels. The two of them walked through isle after isle, trying on item after item. “Hey Gwen, could you try this on?” Ben said with a laugh, holding up an extremely small and revealing two piece bikini. Gwen laughed and pulled it out of his hands. She held up to her body and suddenly looked back at him with gleaming eyes. “Okay.” She said with an innocent voice. “But only if you try this on first.” She said, lifting her hand to reveal an even smaller and even more revealing speedo. Ben suddenly looked nervous and stuttered “Uh, on second thought that bikini doesn’t suit you.”

Gwen only laughed and grabbed Ben and dragged him to the changing room. “I thought I said it didn’t suite you!” Ben said desperately. Gwen pushed him into a seat and grinned. “I think it does suit me.” And with that she darted into a changing room. A minute later she slowly walked out and looked at Ben with sparkling eyes. “Well? You like it?” She asked in a husky voice. Ben was dumbstruck and could only nod his slowly, unable to believe how good she looked. Gwen laughed at his expression and leaned forward and kissed him on the lips, her warm lips brushing against his, her tongue exploring his mouth. Finally she pulled back and headed back into the changing room, her hips swaying slightly, making Ben blush and look away for a second, but then his eyes darted back.

A few minutes later Gwen payed for the bathing suit, much to Ben’s surprise and secret delight, and the two of them headed out. But as they left the store a familiar voice from behind them froze them in their tracks. “Hello there. It’s been quite some time you two.” Gwen and Ben suddenly stopped in their tracks and turned around to stare at the young woman standing behind them. It had been four years since they had last seen her, but she had grown quite a bit, Ben recognized her instantly. “Kalva.” Ben said coolly.(Kalva is a character I created. She is Charmcaster’s sister. She bewitched Ben and has unique magic powers.)

Kalva starred at them, her eyes filled with hatred. She had grown up, but not much. She was still beautiful, but she also still looked like a little girl Once she had charmed him with her looks and her magic, but Ben was no longer a young boy. He grown and changed, and her magic could no longer affect him. Kalva smiled at Ben and said warmly. “Hey handsome, you sure grew. A man like you should be with a real woman, not a little girl.”

Ben smiled at her and took a step forward and said with a laugh. “You know you’re right.” As Kalva’s face flashed with glee, Ben turned and wrapped his arms around Gwen and kissed her on the lips, pouring all his passion and lust into that kiss. Gwen responded with equal enthusiasm, wrapping her arms around his waist and pulling him against her, pressing her body against his.

Finally Ben pulled away, gasping for breath and lightheaded. He turned to Kalva and said with a laugh. “ Sorry Kalva, I already have a woman in my life. And even if I didn’t, I’d never be interested in a little girl like you.” Kalva starred at them, her face pale and trembling with rage. Gwen giggled as she rested her head on Ben’s shoulder. She laughed at Kalva’s face and said in an amused voice. “Hey little girl, I suggest you leave us along if you know what’s good for you, or did you forget what happened last time you tangled with us?”

Kalva looked like she was about to explode, but suddenly she regained her expression and glared at them coldly. She whispered in a deadly voice. “Oh, I remember what happened last time, very well in fact. I was locked up a long time thanks to the two of you and your goddamned grandfather. That’s why when I got out I-” Ben cut her off in a board voice. “Ya ya ya, we know. You broke out and swore to get revenge, or swore to kill us, or some other lame cliché line. Can ya hurry up and leave already, you’re no match for us, and more importantly you’re interrupting our date.”

Kalva grinned wickedly and said with a laugh. “I know I’m no match for her magic or you’re omnitrix. That’s why I brought some insurance.” Kalva raised her hand to show a pair of silver arm bands on her wrists. As she did so she snapped her fingers and Ben and Gwen turned as they heard some one walk up behind them. “Hello Gwen, good to see ya again.” Gwen starred in shock. “KEVIN? What the hell are you doing here?”

Kevin smiled and said with a laugh. “I could ask the same thing to you. You two, on a date? You’ve got to be kidding me! He’s you’re cousin! Are you telling me that the woman Kalva told that Ben had fallen in love with was YOU?” Gwen starred at him coldly and said in an even voice. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were jealous of Ben. Jealous that I chose him over you. It must sting to know that I fell in love with him and forgot all about you.” Kevin stopped laughing and snarled. “I’ll make you pay for that, you little whore!”

That was the last straw for Ben. He didn’t care when people insulted him, but he wasn’t going to stand by and let anyone talk to Gwen like that. With a yell he leaped forward and swung his fist up and punched Kevin square in the jaw. He grabbed Kevin with his other hand and spun, using their combined momentum to send Kevin flying through the air. Kevin slammed into the wall 10 feet away and slowly slid to the floor. Ben slowly stood up and glared at Kevin, panting slightly. Kevin shakily climbed to his feat and starred at Ben in shock, as did Gwen. She had never seen him loose his cool like that, and she was petty sure Ben had just used martial arts. Ben gave Kevin another glare and said and a quite voice. “Don’t you EVER speak to her like that again!”

Ben turned back to Kalva and said in a quite and cold voice that sent shivers down Gwen’s spine. “You and Kevin have exactly 10 seconds to get out of my sight. After that, I will break enough of your bones so that you can never use magic again..” He turned to Kevin and said. “And you, if you not out of my sight in 5 seconds, I’ll make sure you can never walk or talk to Gwen ever again.” Kevin paled and started to edge away when Kalva laughed and yelled. “And how will you do that without your precious aliens?” Kevin paused in mid step and Gwen turned to look at Kalva curiously. “Ben, go superhero mode and kick her ass.”

Gwen expected Ben to yell and change then and there, or to offer some smart or sarcastic comment. What she wasn’t expecting was silence. She turned to Ben, wondering why he was hesitating, and as she starred at him, she realized for the first time that he wasn’t wearing the omnitrix! Ben starred at her and said. “The omnitrix came off after you left.” Gwen starred ta him stunned. But as she wondered what they were going to do, Ben smiled and pointed to Kalva. “She’s all yours Gwen. I’ll take Kevin.” And with that he strode off towards Kevin. Gwen yelled after him. “Wait, Ben, WAIT! Without the omnitrix how are you going to fight?” She starred at Kevin, who was at least twice Ben’s size and a she prepared to attack Kevin and save Ben, he looked back to her and smiled. “Don’t worry Gwen. After the omnitrix came off I learned how to take care of my self using my own strength.”

And with that he spun around and charged at Kevin. The larger boy smiled and swung at Ben. But before Kevin could hit him, Ben grabbed his fist and spun around, flipping Kevin through the air and slamming him face first into the ground. Ben stepped back and smiled at Gwen. He DOES know martial arts! She thought to herself with a smile. No longer worried about Ben, Gwen turned back to Kalva and smiled. “Let’s continue from where we left off all those years ago. I seem to remember lifting you high into the air and crushing you into the floor.” Kalva paled as she remembered but she stood her ground.

She starred at the people all around them who were starring at them and Kevin and Ben. She turned back to Gwen and smiled. “A lot of witnesses, witch. How bout we settle this without magic?” Gwen smiled and nodded. “Alright bitch. Lets get this with over with. The sooner I beat your scrawny ass the sooner me and Ben can get back to our date.” Kalva screamed and lunged forward, spinning in the air and swing her foot at Gwen’s head. Gwen laughed at her pitiful attack and grabbed Kalva’s leg, and as Gwen did so she reversed her footing, stopping Kalva in mid air.

As Kalva fell to the ground Gwen lashed out with her leg, slamming her right knee into Kalva’s chest, knocking the air from her lungs. Even so, Kalva still managed to scream in pain. She rolled off Gwen’s leg and fell heavily to the ground. A second later climber onto her hand and knees, kneeling down on all four as she tried to get her breath back.

Gwen starred down at her and decided to end the fight. Gwen spun around and dropped to her knees, using her momentum and speed to slam both of her elbows down on Kalva’s spine with blinding speed. As the elbows connected Kalva threw her head back and gasped, her eye’s rolling back into her head. A second later she slowly fell forward onto the ground with a low thump. Gwen calmly stood and turned around to stare at Ben and Kevin, who were fighting furiously.

Though Ben the more skilled fighter, using precise blows and displaying starling finesse, Kevin was strong and a veteran brawler and even Ben’s most powerful attacks only seemed to phase him. Gwen watched them and wanted nothing more than to charge in and help Ben, but something held her back. Maybe it was the look in Ben’s face or the determination in his eyes, but Gwen knew that Ben wanted to win this one fair and square by himself.

Back and forth they fought, trading blow for blow. By now there was quite a crowd surrounding the two boys, forming a circle around the two of them, many of the people watching were either cheering and yelling encouragement or screaming for them to stop. Finally Kevin charged forward and swung heavily, lunging forward. Ben sidestepped out of the way, and as Kevin dove past him, Ben raised both his hands in the air and entwined his hands together in a massive double handed fist. As Kevin’s head passed Ben’s body Ben swung his massive double fist down with all his might and slammed it into the back of Kevin’s head. Kevin went down, hard. Ben stepped back and waited.

Seconds later Kevin slowly rose to his feet and laughed, though it wasn’t nearly as strong or cocky as it was before. His nose was shattered and gushing blood, and his mouth and lips were bleeding as well, but he seemed not to care. He glared at Ben and smiled. And glanced at Gwen and grinned evilly. “Hey bitch, once I’m done with your weak boyfriend here I’m gonna fucking teach your sorry ass some lessons on manners.” He laughed again and turned back to Ben just in time to see a green blur flying at him.

Ben landed in front of him and bent forward, throwing his right leg back into the air. Then with a lightning reflexes he snapped his leg forward and up, slamming his foot into Kevin’s chin. As Kevin’s head snapped back, Ben snapped his fist forward and punched Kevin in the throat as hard as he could. Kevin dropped to his knees, gasping for air, his hands holding his throbbing throat. His eyes glazed over, and he looked up to see Ben starring down at him coldly. Ben threw his fist back and yelled at the top of his lungs. “ I TOLD YOU NEVER TO SPEAK TO HER LIKE THAT AGAIN!” And with that he lunged forward and dropped down onto his knees, slamming his fist into Kevin’s stomach with a sickening crunch. Kevin’s head snapped back once more, blood flying from his mouth. With a loud thud he dropped to floor in a pool of blood.

Ben slowly rose to his feet, panting heavily. He looked around and spoke calmly, pointing to Kevin who wasn’t moving, his blood pooling around his head. “Next person who speaks to Gwen like that will end up like him.” And with that he limped over to Gwen, the crowd giving way to him. Gwen starred at him in wonder. She glanced at Kevin, who needed to go to the hospital, to Ben, who was limping and panting, but other wise fine. Kevin was one of the best fighters we ever met, and Ben destroyed him. Ben reached her and smiled. “You okay.” he asked, ignoring all the people around them who starring at them with great interest.

Gwen nodded and then said quietly. “What about you? You’re a mess. You shouldn’t have been so reckless, come on, I’m taking you to the doctor right-” Ben smiled and leaned forward and kissed her on the lips, cutting her off in mid sentence. Gwen tried to pull back and speak, but Ben only kissed her harder, and Gwen gave in and kissed him back, resting her arms around his waist. The two of them kissed long and hard, completely oblivious to everyone around them.

After a very long time the two of them broke apart, smiling and panting, and the two of them blushed as they looked around as all the people around them cheered, clapped and wolf whistled. Finally some one yelled over the crowd. “Kiss her again, damn it!” Ben looked to Gwen with a questioning grin. Gwen rolled her eyes and leaned forward and their lips met once more, their arms wrapped around each other and their bodies pressing against each other. Ben felt his body stirring and felt himself becoming excited.

When they broke apart again he subtly loosened his pants to hide his excitement. Gwen glanced down with a knowing smile. She looked up at him with a mischievous grin and held up her bag. “How bout we go home and I try this on for you. You’re parents are still going to be gone for another two days, so the house will be all to us.” Ben grinned and headed off, Gwen by his side. They got only a few steps before the were surrounded by mall security. The crowd booed and yelled, more than a few screaming why they arrived after the fight had ended.

One man stepped forward and glared down at them. “ You two are in trouble. You two just assaulted and hurt two people for no reason. You’re coming with us.” As he spoke more and more people began yelling and screaming at them. Ben grinned up at the man and yelled over the crowd. “Check you’re damn cameras. Those two came at us, antagonized us and threatened us. Further more, both of they have attacked us before in the past and came here today to get even. And if you still doubt me, ask any of these people here about how that guy threatened my girlfriend!”

As he finished a bunch of people near by nodded and yelled what Kevin had said. More and more people were now screaming at the security, and an extremely tall and muscular man walked up to the security officer and started asking him why they had taken so long to arrive, and everything else that they had screwed up at.

The security guards were all sweating and pale, looking around at the crowd nervously. The head security officer looked down at Ben and Gwen and said through clenched teeth. “Alright, alright, you two are free to go.” Ben grinned and turned to Gwen. “Now, about that offer to try on your new outfit.” Gwen laughed and grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the nearest exit. As the left and headed home, they failed to notice a person standing in the shadows, watching them intently.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: PLEASE REVIEW! Hope you enjoyed it, I decided to throw in a battle before I start the main plot twist, and what a twist it will be! I couldn’t decide who to use as a villain, so I threw in my character and Kevin. Since Kevin likes Gwen, he seemed the best opponent for Ben. Next chapter, well, next chapter something VERY important will happen. What could it be, I wonder:) WAIT AND SEE!

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