Ben Ten Pornography Story: Summer Eagerness part Two

Ben Ten Pornography Story: Summer Eagerness part Two

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      Aw man, I AM SO FUCKING HORNY! Ben thought as he lay in bed. It was early morning, and all he could think about was two weeks ago when he had lost his virginity with Gwen. That night, in the woods away from camp and Grandpa, Ben and Gwen had become lovers, loosing their virginity together in a steaming act of lust and passion. Since then, he hadn’t had a chance to fuck her, and it was getting to the point where he could hardly stand to be around her.

      They had been on the road for two weeks, TWO WEEKS, without hitting a single major town or city. Meaning, Grandpa had been around them the whole time. And unfortunately, he and Gwen hadn’t found any place they could sneak off to fuck. However, they had finally rolled into a large town the previous night, and Grandpa had told them the previous night that he was going to have breakfast at the dinner the next morning, which had given Ben an idea.

      “Alright kids, I’m heading off to the dinner. Lets go.” Grandpa was standing in the door, waiting for them. Ben was about to agree, when he remembered his idea from the previous night. He was already wide awake, but he didn’t show it, faking a yawn and rolled back into his bed. “Hey, Grandpa, I’m still exhausted, I wanna go back to sleep.” A few seconds later he heard Gwen yawn and mumble “ Yea Grandpa, it’s too early. Go by yourself, we’ll eat later.” Gwen was clearly thinking the same thing he was. Grandpa looked at them and shook his head. “All right, fine, but don’t complain later when your both hungry.” And with that he headed out and the door closed behind him. As soon as the door closed, Ben leaped out of bed and raced to the door, checking to make sure Grandpa was headed for the dinner which luckily was on the other side of town.

      When he saw Grandpa was down the road and not coming back, he shut the shade on the doors window and turned around to see Gwen lying in bed with the covers drawn back so Ben could see she was already completely naked, his cock instantly hardened. Gwen starred at him, her eyes sparkling. “ I thought he would never leave.” As Ben stood there, taking in the sight of her lying there, completely naked, just waiting for him to take her, Gwen tilted her head and asked innocently, “ Well, are you just going to stand there? Or are you going to come and join me in bed?” Ben didn’t wait to answer. He pulled off his shirt, bolted forward and slid into bed next to her.

      As he lay next to her, he leaned forward and kissed her, his chest rubbing against her breasts. He slid his hand up slowly and gently held her breast, slowly squeezing, causing Gwen to moan softly. As Gwen moaned, Ben felt her slip her hand down her pants, grabbing his cock, and squeezing hard, causing him to gasp for breath. Ben reached down and slid his down her body and slowly pushed his fingers into her pussy, sliding his fingers in and out of her, causing Gwen to squirm and twist in pleasure.

      While he was fingering her, Ben suddenly had an idea. He pulled out his finger and pushed himself away from Gwen. “Ben, what are you doing? Whats wrong?” Gwen was still panting slightly, and she looked confused. Ben only smiled. “Gwen, I just had a great idea.” Gwen just shook her head. “ What? Hurry up and tell me already. Grandpa’s only going to be gone for so long.” Ben laughed and said, “ How bout I show you.” And with that, Ben reached for the omnitrix and began sorting through the aliens available to him. He heard Gwen gasp, and say “YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS!” Ben responded by yelling and hitting the onmitrix. He felt the familiar sensation as his body began to transform into another species. Finally he was finished and he roared “ Four Arms!” and looked down at Gwen who looked stunned. “You can’t be serious Ben! I’m not making love to an alien.” Ben laughed and reached down and pulled of his alien pants, revealing a much larger cock than his human form. Gwen’s eyes widened in shock at his massive cock, which was throbbing in the air, ready to be drained of it’s cum.

       “Bend over Gwen, you’ll love it.” Gwen starred at his massive, throbbing cock and a slowly turned around, giving Ben a lovely view of her apple shaped ass. He strode forward and knelt down on the bed, gripping her ass with two hand. With his other hands he reached forward and grabbed her tits, using his large hands, squeezing them softly, causing Gwen to start moaning again. As he squeezed and twisted her nipples, he used his other hands to position his cock.

       When he was ready, he whispered “Ready Gwen.” Gwen moaned. “Oh, yes, YES, put it me, put it in me now!” With that Ben shoved his cock into her pussy, thrusting deep into her, deeper than he could normally thrusts. “ OH, BEN, OH MY GOD, I, I THINK, I’M GOING TO DIE!” Gwen screamed when she felt his enormous erection enter her. “Oh, god Gwen, it’s so tight, It feels so good.” Ben yelled as he banged away at her pussy. I wasn’t kidding when I said it was tight Ben thought. Hell he could almost couldn’t fit his cock into it, but that made it feel all that much sweeter.

      Gwen was going out of her mind, she could feel every speeding thrust, and her pussy was getting wetter by the minute. She was barley able to hear Ben grunting and gasping, all she could focus on was the exploding pleasure she felt in her stomach. “Oh, Ben, I, I’M GOING TO CUM, BEN. I’M GOING TO CUM!” Gwen screamed, unable to believe what she was feeling. And she wasn’t alone. Ben could feel himself inside her pussy. He could feel every thrust as his cock slid in and out of her pussy, setting his nerves on fire. As he heard Gwen yell this, he thrusted as fast and hard as he could, determined to cum with her.

     The pressure in his cock built higher and higher. Finally, when he couldn’t take it any more, he thrusted one last time and shoved his cock into Gwen as deep as it could go, and with that he came, his sperm exploding out of her pussy and all over their thighs. Gwen thrashed and shook, and Ben continued to ejaculate for quite some time, filling Gwen with his cum. Finally he dropped to his side next to Gwen, and managed to hit the omnitrix, warping back to his human form.

      “Oh Ben,” Gwen moaned, “ that was AMAZING!” Ben only panted and nodded, unable to speak, but he agreed with her completely. Finally he regained his strength and sat up and turned to look at Gwen, lying next to him, naked and covered in his cum. This was turning out to be one hell of a summer.

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