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Ben 10 Porn Story: Julys magnetic personality

Ben 10 Porn Story: Julys magnetic personality

Julie was currently relaxing in her own apartment sitting in a small leather sofa chair reading a book.

Julie heard a knock at the door and heard the sound of the door open, she knew it was Ben.

Hey Ben, Julie said. Hey Julie, Ben said as the two kissed.

I got you something, Ben said taking out something that looked like a thin necklace.

Hmm, where did you get that? Julie asked.

Just try it on first, Ben said.

This is going to lead to something isnt it? Julie said raising one eyebrow.

With a necklace perhaps, Ben said.

You know not a lot of women wouldnt normally let their boyfriends take advantage of them like you do, Julie said which took Ben by surprise.

Should I stop it then? Ben said.

Oh god no, Im just telling you not to think Im someone you can push around, Julie said.

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