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Ben 10 Porn Story: Breeding Season CHAPTER 3

Ben 10 Porn Story: Breeding Season CHAPTER 3

Max couldn’t believe his ears at what his grand children had just told him. Although he knew he wasn’t going to be able to take the children up on their proposal. “It is a tantalizing offer kids but I can’t, it…well isn’t going to help things for me.” In fact it would only undo years of therapy he had to endure. “Anyway, what I can do for you is give you the time you need to have your fun.” He smiled knowing this would indeed lift their spirits.

Ben and Gwen were hopping at that news. Gwen spoke up immediately, “Think we could have some today?”

Max wasn’t surprised too much at Gwen’s request. “I think I can spare some time, how much time do you need?”

Gwen and Ben looked at each other and started whispering, then Ben turned and said “Two hours?”

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