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Ben Ten Porno Story: No More Heroes – Chapter 1

Ben Ten Porno Story: No More Heroes – Chapter 1

This is Ben 10 Fanfiction without any of the original characters and some minor crossover here and there.

A/N: Dark: Most of the characters here are OC.
Light: nothing, for now.

Disclaimer: I do not own Ben 10 or anything that is copyrighted on this story. But I owned the creative and innovative plot of this story, though.


Long before the pact between human and the alien was made, the legendary device creator, create a device that could be used to help the warring species understand each other.

The device was named as the Omnitrix, means All Form. It was created to provide a better understanding, but it was misused for weapon due to the incredible potential that some species.

The creator sent his creation away to the far away galaxy, where a small solar system, consist of nine planet and one sun was situated. But unfortunately, the fleet that carry that device was attacked by the most feared Warlord of the universe.

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Gwen like rail on man jizz-shotgun

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Hentai Picture: Gwen like rail on man jizz-shotgun
Check that the set of horny stuff more dexterous that you can suppose: perfect, well-trained and the greatest meaty fellows all at one location! Horny hottie dreams to fuck non-stop and all the load that there is from those boners! You have always wanted to see the Ben 10 whores who crave for cocks 24/7 above all!

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Ben 10 Porn Story: Embracing you CH.5

Ben 10 Porn Story: Embracing you CH.5

Ben sat on the edge of the lagoon. He was back in the desert and he was back in the lagoon with the angel. She was letting the small waterfall run down her bare body. Ben noticed a white, silk sheet… dress thing sitting on a rock and was obviously what the girl had been wearing.

A hand touched the button and zipper on Ben’s pants, causing him to jump. The angel was smiling at him, her peach lips glistening with diamonds, or so it seemed. She was tempting. He leaned forward, but she vanished. The spring, trees, and everything else faded. A voice met his ears, “Beautiful, isn’t she? Your chosen mate.” Ben turned to see the aliens in his watch looking at him.

“My what?” Fourarms smiled.

“Your chosen mate. Gwen, the girl you want to bare your-”

“At least say it so he doesn’t freak out!” Ben looked at this new alien, one he’d never seen before. It was cat like, a long black tail swished back and forth while the ears on the side of her head were flattened. It was obvious she was not happy. Ben was shocked by her outfit. It was tight fitting and looked more like what a figure skater would wear, minus the thigh high boots and sharp claws that were natural on her. Her long black hair was free and fell to the back of her knees.

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Ben 10 Porn Story: NEW DISCOVERIES – 2

Ben 10 Porn Story: NEW DISCOVERIES – 2

Gwen just left Ben when she saw a broken billboard lying on the ground. She wiped some dust of as she saw the words ‘XXX shop – cinema’. She had some knowledge about these words due to her times searching the web for ‘special’ videos. But she was curious what to find in a sexshop and thus she walked into the shop. Gwen was amazed about all the products the shop sells and all the DVD’s it has. She looked at some things and could see what the purpose was for all these things. Gwen had sawn some videos that contained pornography and had a desire to try those things. She looked around looking for things to try out. She opened a door and saw boxes with ‘clothing’ spelled on it. Gwen opened a box and saw nothing but thongs. They had a strange rubber-looking sight which made Gwen eager to find out what sort they were. She took one and smelled strawberry. Looking at the description, she learned that those thongs were eatable. She found this amusing and took some with her. A few door further, Gwen discovered a strippers pole. She had seen this before in videos and wanted to try it out. She grabbed the pole, jumped and tried to swing around it. But she fell on the ground, making her think to try it another time. She walked further and on the last door there was a plaque which said: ‘Not for amateurs’. Curious as she was, Gwen opened the door and saw a strange looking machine. It looked like a motor with a dildo on front. She knew exactly what it was and couldn’t believe she was looking at one. But Gwen wanted more than just seeing it, she wanted to experience it. She turned it on and off to see it still worked. It did, so Gwen was getting on her knees and hands at the front of the machine. She lowered her pants and panties, took a deep breath and turned on the machine. The machine started to work and made the dildo move towards Gwen’s pussy. She was already getting wet just by the idea of getting pound by a machine. The dildo came closer and eventually it went into Gwen’s vagina. She started to moan as machine was pleasing her. It stood at the lowest level and Gwen found this not enough. She increased it to mid-level and the machine began pumping Gwen. Now Gwen could really feel the sensation of sex. She loved it, moaned a lot and was sweating. After a few minutes, Gwen was thinking if she could more. She looked at machine pumping her pussy and decided to increase the level to its highest. She turned the button making the machine go crazy. It’s was drilling her pussy, making Gwen feel as she was in heaven. She felt something coming, a feeling of pleasure. The machine kept drilling her, making that feeling coming up. Then suddenly, she experienced her first orgasm. Gwen moaned loud, squirted a little and shouted “Ben!”. She enjoyed her orgasm when suddenly she realized that she shouted Ben’s name. Turning of the machine, Gwen could decide whether it was wrong or not to scream her nephew’s name while having an orgasm. She cleaned herself, pulled up her pants and left the room. While walking to the exit, she saw Ben taking some stuff from. He took some condoms, lubricant, fleshlights, dildo and vibrators. After taking these things, he placed it in a box a went to the exit with it. He didn’t see Gwen, who was hiding behind a corner. She was wondering why Ben would take dildos and vibrators with him. Was it for himself? No, Gwen found Ben a lot of things, but not a homosexual. Were they a birthday gift for her upcoming birthday? No, she thought. Ben would never give that kind of presents with grandpa Max around. Then what could it be? After a while she was afraid that Ben would ‘experiment’ on Gwen with the toys. She would let him if he asked it. But Gwen knew better and wanted to punish him. But how? She looked around and then she saw something lying in a display case. Something that would be an excellent tool of punishment for Ben.

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