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Ben 10 Porn Story: Ben10 ant the New alieN Chapter 2

Ben 10 Porn Story: Ben10 ant the New alieN Chapter 2

Ok, whatever you say dweeb, Ben said as he settled back in his chair and set his head down on his crossed arms so he could look up at his cousins bright red hair from the top of the table. When Ben realized that Gwen was ignoring his best efforts to distract her he shifted his arms so he could look at the oversize watch on his left wrist and started twisting the ring around the crystal. He cycled through his regular alien heroes like Heat Blast, Four Arms, and Wild Mutt without stopping and when he got to the end he tried pushing another button before giving the ring one more twist until a new silhouette appeared on the watches crystal. All right, Ben said under his breath as he hit the switch so the watches face popped up to form the activation plunger.

Ben hesitated and glanced over at Gwen to see what she was doing and heard his cousin muttering a spell under her breath. Gwens voice took on the odd bottom of the well reverb that signaled her success in tapping into her magic powers and Ben figured this was the perfect time to activate the omnitrix since shed be too preoccupied to notice what he was doing until it was too late. Ben slammed down the watches plunger and felt its power surging through his body, shifting his DNA to match that of the alien showing in the omnitrix. As the watch altered his DNA Ben felt his body shifting to take on the form of the alien hed seen in the watchs display.

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Ben 10 Porn Story: bens girls 3

Ben 10 Porn Story: bens girls 3

Laying on his back on his bed Ben looked up at the ceiling in apparent thought while his right hand was occupied by tossing a rubber ball against the wall and receiving it repeatedly. A lot has been on his mind lately since the ‘love making’ spell Charmcaster laid on him during their ‘frenzy’, the first being on how to undo the spell if there a way to actually do that, another would be whether or not to keep it.

I actually kind like this, but it’s wrong on sooo many levels. I mean it’s not enough that I cheated on my girlfriend with someone else but now this automated sex charm I have now turns nearly every girl I meet into crazed sexfreaks. Sigh, I have thought about this too much, I need someone to talk to about this.’ He thought then facepalmed thinking it a bad idea to reveal to anyone about this little escapade of his.

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Gwen fuck with water tentacle monster

Ben10 Hentai Comics

Hentai Picture: Gwen fuck with water tentacle monster
Incidentally, isn’t it an Ben 10 intercourse one can spot in this picture? We are anxious to nail this busty Ben 10 gal with a gorgeous bum and a fuck-ready snatch. Sexy Gwen demonstrates her amazing nipples and gets her fuck holes grossly creamed after getting screwed…

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