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Ben 10 Porn Story: No More Heroes Chapter 11

Ben 10 Porn Story: No More Heroes Chapter 11

A/n: Note that I never say that Alexander is not Richard. I merely said that Richard could be anyone or in two places at once, so keep your eyes peeled for clues.

A/N 2: Anybody who read this chapter, get ready for a great dirty shock. But whatever you do, don’t give me flames, okay?

Chapter 11

Big Minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small mind discuss people.Unknown

Lilith Ariel

The Traveller and the Historian (now Trav and Corey (Renos ideas)) was strange enough, now Renos the Omnitrix wielder? What is happening to this world?

The redhead however, was not his usual grinning-and-dumb self. He was more reserved and serious, although he was still capable of cracking a bad joke regardless the situation was. But he lost the constant grin on his face and his usual jovial attitude.

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